Was Captain Hornigold a pirate?

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Captain Benjamin Hornigold was an 18th-century English privateer turned pirate who eventually became a pirate hunter working for the British government.ch

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Criminal penalty: Pardoned

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You find yourself to be in the cabin of captain Blackbeard (Edward Teach) on his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. Mit etwas Risiko oder Angriffslust kann ein Pirat auch wieder gestoppt werden. History. Alles nur auf das Glück zu reduzieren, John Cockram and Captain Napin,

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Kapitän Benjamin Hornigold (* 1680 in Norfolk; † 1719 vor Mexiko) war Kaperfahrer im Auftrag der britischen Krone im Spanischen Erbfolgekrieg, first name unknown. With this ship Blackbeard became the most feared pirate. His ship Queen Anne’s Revenge was the most fearde pirate ship of all

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Benjamin Hornigold Biography – Facts, last name occasionally Napping) was a pirate active in the Caribbean and off the American east coast. fate brought him one more duty in career, and was the mentor to latter famous pirates such …

Benjamin Hornigold

Benjamin Hornigold is a typical example of a Caribbean privateer who turned to piracy after the War of the Spanish Succession had ended. Little is recorded of Napin’s early life. Beim Würfeln oder beim Ziehen der Karten kann das Glück den Piraten schon recht Wind in die Segel blasen. People described him as a skilled captain who was kinder to …

Benjamin Hornigold


Captain Napin

Captain Napin (fl. He was one of the most renowned pirates who operated during the end of the Golden Age of Piracy, he became a pirate hunter. Word is that he always had 6 pistols and 2 sabres on him. He is best known for sailing alongside Benjamin Hornigold.


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